Ateliers d'Art de France

Coming from a glassblower family, Olivier had the glass vocation at the age of 8. When he turned 16, he started his career in his uncle’s studio where he learnt the stunning art of tableware and completed his diploma in 1986.

During the year 1990, Olivier decided to fly by his own and created his first workshop. He kept making goblets, water jars and whisky glasses for a while to improve his skills and run his busyness.

By 1998, after moving his hot shop to another location, Olivier stopped making tableware and discovered what he’s really interested in glass: creation!

Autodidact in coloring techniques, the artist is inspired by “primitive arts” and “African’s culture” his creation mixes pure curves and tribal pictograms. His creativity is carried by a continuous search on knowledge and skill transmission.

Since his first studio he kept sharing his experience with apprentices and taught in different schools.

That’s why human notion is fundamental in Olivier’s work.